A Tool That Can Predict Your Success - Google Trends for Entrepreneurs

ai entrepreneurs tech tools Jun 30, 2020

Are you wondering if what you are interested in is popular enough to make a business out of?

Are you wondering which SEO terms to use for your website, ads, or other promotional materials?

Would you like to know what time of year is best to devote to paid ads to market your product or service?

In this short video I released today I give you an overview of the amazing intelligence you can pull from Google Trends.

After watching, I would love for you to comment on any interesting intel you got from a simple Google Trends search!

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Before & After: A Gorgeous Feminine Slide Deck

LaFaye Pye, the Prosperity Strategist, is one of my business besties. We met via an intensive 6-week online course (of course!) in which it turned out that there were only a small handful of us who posted regularly and did our best to keep up with the content. After this course was finished, we all had to take a step back from what we were working on to decompress. But I would never trade that experience as all the amazing friendships that have come out of it.

When LaFaye was going through a re-brand, she brought me in to help. We looked at her current color scheme and visual elements, and talked through exactly what she was trying to communicate. She was very attached to her pinks and browns, only they weren't quite the right shades to communicate her position as an expert in her field. She was also attached to the Summer color psychology group with its flowing and feminine elements. To communicate her expert status, we tweaked her palette to encompass a Winter color scheme, and...

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Before & After: The Thoughtful Giving App

I met with Misty at a cute corner coffee shop in downtown Bath, Maine, the city of ships. Cafe Creme is the hangout of choice for many of the locals and boarding school students alike. Its intimate atmosphere encourages conversation and camaraderie, and the sea of treats under glass domes at the counter along with row of local coffees along the wall encourages you to stay awhile.

Misty had heard about me from my SCORE mentor. If you are unfamiliar with the SCORE program, its mission is to match entrepreneurs with seasoned business veterans. Misty, a mom with young kids like myself, was a massage therapist by trade, and working on developing an incredible app she called Thoughtful Giving. At the time she had entered the LA Top Gun competition to win funding for her business idea and wanted to connect with me to learn more about branding and design.

I was more than happy to meet with her as one, she was obviously a fellow go-getter, two, I love talking branding and design,...

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The Four Personality Types - one is right for your business

color psychology May 08, 2020

I had a question about the four personalities and how they relate to choosing colors and style elements for your brand. Yesterday I went live to give you an overview of each of the four personality groups,


Listen to the live on the four personality types, and also make sure to check out the Color Psychology page to decide which one feels right for your business. Do you want to be seen as aspirational, an expert, fun, adventurous? There is at least one group that will work for you!

Once you have identified which personality traits fit your brand best, you can then move on to choosing your colors all from that palette and know that they are harmonious and pulling people in.

If there are two groups that fit the personality of your business, pull colors from the main one and use design elements like fonts and patterns from the second. Just try not to add in elements from three or all the groups,...

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In Nature You Never Experience Color Alone

How are you coming along on crafting your brand story? Do you have a past, a place, character traits, and an aspirational personality created?

I want to hand you a big platter of “ah has” around color psychology. It sounds a little out there, but stick with me.

In nature, there are four distinct groups that colors fall into, as discovered by British color psychologist Angela Wright.

Note that in nature you never experience color alone, it is always surrounded by other colors.

When colors are seen surrounded by colors that are in the same group, we instinctively “read” their positive characteristics.

For example, it’s currently peach season in Maine. Those lovely ripe peaches pull me in, and I know the ones with more red on the skins will be juicier and sweeter. The pale yellow ones repel me, sending a signal that they are still firm and unsweetened.

This is nature alerting me to what is good to eat, and what I should leave alone. The pale yellow is in a...

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Brand Stories for when YOU are the Brand

I did a live Masterclass on the 4 critical ingredients you need to create a delectably memorable brand. But what if YOU are the brand? How do you apply these four elements to yourself?

Let's recap. The four elements you need to whip up that brand are:

1. History (a past)
2. Culture (a place)
3. Brand Personality (character)
4. Typical Customer (an aspirational self-image)

Related to YOU, here is what you need to think about:

What is your personal story? Why did you want to create this brand? One of my good business friends LaFaye Pye , the Prosperity Architect, tells the story of how she was stuck in bed for months on end with a back problem. Before getting hurt, she taught nutrition and was well known for her delicious and healthy recipes. But it didn't light a spark in her. While she was unable to walk, she realized that what she really wanted to do was help female entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. (Sound similar? Yes, we both have a similar passion!)...

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Purple Cows and Square Pegs

When you're working on building your own website, while you have been surfing the web, documenting what you like and don't like about different sites, do you start to notice anything similar about the sites that you like?

Do they seem cohesive? Is there something about them that makes them stand out in a unique way?

You might not have even picked up on it, but I bet these sites all have very cohesive brands. A brand is simply something that differentiates a business from similar businesses.

"Buy this one, not that."

For example, I can buy leggings on Amazon, or I can buy Under Armour leggings and pay five times as much.

What makes me want to pay five times as much?

The brand.

With a solid brand, your offering commands top prices. A brand means reliability. You develop relationships with brands. You come to expect certain things from certain brands, and they in turn consistently provide that.

At the heart of a brand is having a good product, and the process of branding is about...

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Beginners Guide to Websites: Which Platform & What to Include

website Aug 13, 2019
Weebly vs WordPress vs Kajabi
I sent out a survey asking fellow go-getter female entrepreneurs where they were struggling most, and got an overwhelming response that these ladies were stuck on their websites.

Some had websites, but were not sure how to update them.

Others didn't know where to start.

Well, let me tell you my friend, websites are my most favorite pieces of marketing collateral to put together. I just ADORE websites. And I spend a lot of time tactically planning them out, designing them, and comparing website software.

Did you know I started my own web development company back in the early 2000s? I also used to teach an adult ed course called "Web Design is Easy," where I taught adults how to code.

Only I discovered they didn't really want to learn code, which is how you had to build websites back in the early 2000s. So I used to dream about the day when drag-and-drop web design software would become available so I could help these ladies and they would feel EMPOWERED and CONFIDENT in their...
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The 3 Little Black Dresses of Stock Photography Sites

3 black dresses
Do you know one of the #1 things that holds fellow female entrepreneurs back from getting their brands out into the marketplace?

I'll give you a few seconds to think about.

Yep, one thing is definitely fear of being judged. That inner critic will get us every time.

But what I'm talking about is lack of professional images!

And who has time to Google best stock image sites, which I invite you to run off into the rabbit hole of internet oblivion and do now. Go ahead. I dare you.

Oh no, if you would rather just get right to the point, I'll let you in on my most-frequently-used stock image sites that give me the biggest return on my investment (of time). This is a highly-curated list ladies.

One of my absolute favorites, which I can count on most often, is called Pixabay,

Pixabay homepage screenshot

It's my first go-to when I need an image. Which is ALL THE TIME in the online world. Be it for my blog, my website, my Facebook/Instagram ads, you name it, I need images! And lots of...
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Marketing 101: The 5 Step Journey to Lasting Relationships

I was recently on the phone with my sister, who is an HR director. She is working on an amazing new venture with women in her city to help aspiring female entrepreneurs navigate up-leveling their businesses, similar to Shark Tank.

“You know,” she said, “this is such a great opportunity for them to get their businesses out there. They will really up their brand awareness.”

“Yes,” I replied. “That’s the first step.”

“First step?” she asked, “There are others?”

She had no idea that marketing and promotion went beyond getting your brand seen in public.

Yes, there is a process to this thing we call marketing and promotion. Some call it a customer journey. Others a marketing funnel.

But what it really boils down to is a series of events that you plan out in advance to introduce yourself to your prospective future customers so that eventually you will have achieved the magical trifecta, where they will,
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