Brand Stories for when YOU are the Brand

I did a live Masterclass on the 4 critical ingredients you need to create a delectably memorable brand. But what if YOU are the brand? How do you apply these four elements to yourself?

Let's recap. The four elements you need to whip up that brand are:

1. History (a past)
2. Culture (a place)
3. Brand Personality (character)
4. Typical Customer (an aspirational self-image)

Related to YOU, here is what you need to think about:

What is your personal story? Why did you want to create this brand? One of my good business friends LaFaye Pye , the Prosperity Architect, tells the story of how she was stuck in bed for months on end with a back problem. Before getting hurt, she taught nutrition and was well known for her delicious and healthy recipes. But it didn't light a spark in her. While she was unable to walk, she realized that what she really wanted to do was help female entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. (Sound similar? Yes, we both have a similar passion!) She now teaches strategy and mindset and couldn't be happier. I'm a big fan of her Business Builder's Lab.

Why did you start your business? Who did you want to help and why?

When you meet someone new, what is one of the first questions you want to ask them? Yes! Where are you from, or where do you live? We identify certain traits and aspects to the communities and places where people are from. Use this to your advantage. You might feel like the only country girl, but I am sure there are loads of fellow females in the same situation who would bond with you over this one fact about yourself.

Brand Personality
This is your personality when you are working on your business. It is your professional personality. At home, you might be cooky and silly, but when you're working on your business, you are refined and knowledgeable. It's okay to be both! Just know which one is your brand.

Typical Customer
Can you be someone's typical customer? Can you be their ideal? I know I purchase products and services from people I look up to and wish I had one or many of their gifts. Embody that person who not only you aspire to be, but they also aspire to be.

Branding may not be rocket science, but it does take work. There's lots to think through, pull out and investigate, and dive deeper into. I hope this four-element framework has been helpful!

Remember, in the end, your brand is not what you say it is, it is what your customers think it is. So if you can consistently communicate the image you want, that will hopefully be the image that they hold onto and love.


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