Before & After: A Gorgeous Feminine Slide Deck

LaFaye Pye, the Prosperity Strategist, is one of my business besties. We met via an intensive 6-week online course (of course!) in which it turned out that there were only a small handful of us who posted regularly and did our best to keep up with the content. After this course was finished, we all had to take a step back from what we were working on to decompress. But I would never trade that experience as all the amazing friendships that have come out of it.

When LaFaye was going through a re-brand, she brought me in to help. We looked at her current color scheme and visual elements, and talked through exactly what she was trying to communicate. She was very attached to her pinks and browns, only they weren't quite the right shades to communicate her position as an expert in her field. She was also attached to the Summer color psychology group with its flowing and feminine elements. To communicate her expert status, we tweaked her palette to encompass a Winter color scheme, and then added in Summer through her lovely feminine elements such as fonts and patterns. Here is her final brand identity style sheet (note: I did not create this final version, but I do love it!)--

Recently she brought me back in to help with her graphics to update her webinar slide deck. She runs the Business Builders Lab, and was getting ready for a big launch of her new program, the Visible Woman. Her slides were okay, but they didn't have a cohesive look and feel, and they were not on brand.

You can see from this "before" slide that the font she was using was big and clunky (great for Autumn brands) and the colors weren't right. Notice the gray shadow - while it is just a supporting element on the page, it does not harmonize with the palette.

Here is another example of her "Before" slide listing the package prices, and then the updated slide I created for her:



Luckily all her deck needed was a little bit of magic that gave it a classy, upscale feeling to reflect her brand. Here is a screenshot of the final master slide templates;


Now she has over 25 slide templates to chose from (not all pictured) when pulling together her webinars for the Business Builders Lab and, coming soon, The Visible Woman and the Marketing Map. Stay tuned!


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