4 Inspiring Women, 1 Inspiring Website

How is your summer going? It's been a couple weeks but I am guessing you might not have even noticed my absence in your inbox as you are out enjoying all this amazing weather! June is my favorite time of year. My peonies bloom:


And the garden is full of little green shoots.

I wanted to re-cap the AMAZING women we have featured on the Sisters Talk Shop podcast this past month. Here is an overview;

06. Living Your Best Life with Melesha Bailey of Love 4 Life Wellness

Melesha Bailey

Melesha and I have been in the same business group for a few years now and I have only ever known her as the vibrant lovely kind-hearted lady that she is, but previously she was sick and overweight. One day she was fed up and made a decision that changed her life so dramatically that she was off all her medication in a matter of three weeks with a renewed love for life. She is now a nutrition/life coach and works alongside a doctor to offer a unique hair tissue mineral analysis. This allows her to pinpoint the minerals clients might be lacking that are causing them pain and discomfort. Once discovered, she coaches clients on diet, nutrition, and lifestyle using her Let Go system that contains 9 keys to wellness. She shares them all in this insightful episode.

🎧 Listen Here


07. The Power of Energy Healing with Azmina Ahamed

Azmina Ahamed

Azmina is also in the same business group with Melesha and I, and I am really excited to bring you into her world. She will most likely introduce you to the unconscious part of your brain that knows more about your very core and essence than you do. She is so attune to energy that she can read your body language and pick up on the energy signals you are putting out without even being in the same room or country as you. An accomplished Reiki master, transformational coach, energy and frequency specialist who uses NLP, theta healing, and emotion and body code, we cover it all in this episode.

🎧 Listen Here


08. Unpacking Toxic Baggage with Relationship Coach Lisa Fourre

Lisa Fourre

Lisa Fourre and I used to work together at a private boarding school here in Maine. She now is a relationship coach, mentor, and author, who helps survivors of toxic relationships, now in their midlife, get past their past and develop healthy connections with her no nonsense approach. She has coached women in all phases of their personal lives to accept what wasn’t working, decide what is best for them and take steps to achieve it.  She has spent 20+ years confronting mental and emotional abuse from different people in her life including parents and an alcoholic ex-husband. She used this time to study their behaviors,  understand their logic, and learn how to help others overcome the toxic cycles abusers exhibit and  draw us into. Lisa emphasizes truth over harmony during her coaching sessions because her clients have had  enough lies and placation in their lives. 

🎧 Listen Here


09. Small Batch Cheesemaking with Kate Turcotte of Orb Weaver Creamery

Kate Turcotte

Have you ever wondered what it is like being a small-town farmer or what it takes to make your own cheese? Learn how Kate Turcotte turned her dream into a Vermont dairy farming success. My sister Lisa and I went to school with Kate where we grew up in Farmington, Maine. She spent over ten years honing her skills of cheesemaking before taking over a herd of Jersey cows with her husband at a small farm in Vermont and dreaming up the most delectable cheeses for Orb Weaver Creamery. Now, Kate features a variety of seasonal, small batch cheeses that cheesemongers from across the US can't wait to get their hands on! This entrepreneurial woman is a go-getter and if you catch her when she's not making cheese, be sure to ask for a bit of business advice - she's brilliant and so down-to-earth. Join us as we learn how to create the gooiest cheeses and learn the importance of saying "no" to things that do not align with your business goals or mission. This is a must-listen episode that you don't want to miss!

🎧  Listen Here


So many wonderful episodes with such inspiring ladies!!

I do hope you'll be able to stream these as you sit on the beach or go for walks in the woods. 


Glorious Webpage Finds

I can't leave you without a favorite website to share:

The Spruce homepage

The Spruce is a company that offers "practical, real-life tips and inspiration to help you make your best home."

What I love about this site:

The GREEN! - Green is of course my favorite business color, but I love how they have more white than green, which really highlights the freshness of the main hue.

Sans Paired with Serifed Fonts - The simple sans-serif Karla navigation items also pair well with the Libre Baskerville heading and paragraph text.

Photography - I love that every article has a gorgeous light-filled feature image paired with almost-black Libre Baskerville headings.

The simplicity of the layout combined with the clear bright photography and a fresh palette with lots of white space is a winning combination.

Color palette

 Hope you find as inspiring as I do!


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