02 - Style Your Brand for Peak Profitability

In this episode I uncover a little-known tool so powerful that it points the way to styling your brand for what I call "peak profitability." Before I learned about this tool, I was a good designer, but would often get stuck on projects. Designing was fun, but it was tricky as well. Once I learned this tool, everything became clear and easier. I have become a confident designer because of this tool, and will show you how to use it as well to style your brand confidently and with direction. ‚Äč

Using this tool, you will be able to clearly sort through fonts, colors, imagery, photographic styles, textures, shapes, and graphics and know immediately what is going to work for your brand and what is not. Which send the signals and messages that you need to be sending to attract your ideal customers and clients, and which do not. Welcome, my friends, to the amazing tool of color psychology.  

Resources Mentioned: 

>>Download the Brand Personality Traits PDF


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