06 - Website Building Success with Weebly

>>Download the Getting Started with Weebly PDF

If there's one thing you can do to propel your business forward, it's creating a website. Hiring design and development professionals is great if you have the resources and the time, but I promise you, you can also create a professional-looking, attractive website on your own.  

Have you ever tried building your own website? Did you get discouraged with the coding or the interface? Did it end up looking like mush? In this podcast episode, I'll cover--- 

  • The three things you need to build your website 
  • The three main things people are looking for on your website 
  • The most visited page aside from your homepage (so make sure to spend time crafting this one!) 
  • Why the Weebly website platform is the best option on which to build your first website (vs. WordPress) 
  • Weebly interface tour 

Resources Mentioned: 

If you've tried building your site before and not had success, jump on to this podcast and learn about Weebly, the online software on which to easily create a fantastic-looking website to get your business up and running. Then head over to www.weebly.com to set up your own account and get started with some of the fantastic templates to get inspired. I can't wait to see what you create! ‚Äč

>>Download the Getting Started with Weebly PDF


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