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Have you been entertaining thoughts of starting your own business? Maybe you have taken steps to get this business up and running, and now you know that you need to create the look and feel of your brand to take your business up a notch and be taken seriously. You need your brand to look professional.  

Things to figure out on your to-do list: 

  • How to attract ideal clients 
  • Come up with a logo 
  • Figure out a color scheme 
  • Find my ideal clients 
  • Marketing materials & a website 
  • How to launch a side business 
  • Make my brand irresistible 

It may seem overwhelming at first, but if you have the drive that those of us who are born entrepreneurs experience, then you have no choice but to move forward. And it is enjoyable, putting together the pieces to figure out what works. But you're also probably very busy. With day jobs, children, family, friends, and other engagements and commitments that keep coming up.  

However, it is possible to get started. Taking even small steps will lead you on the path to success and fulfillment. On a path that leads you to taking control over your life and living the life you have imagined. 

I'm going to share secrets in this podcast that will put you leaps and bounds ahead of any competition. I've had enough of badly put together brands and don't want yours to suffer the same fate.  

Ever since I was a young girl I have been extremely affected by color and design. I pick up on the colors people are wearing, the colors brands are using, and the colors we use to create the environment around us.  

I have never been satisfied with our use of color. I think people dress too blandly, brands don't understand how to choose the correct colors and shades, and our environments are mostly uninspiring. I have lived in Maine, Massachusetts, Hamburg, Germany, and Bath, England. I have traveled in Canada, Mexico, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Turkey, and Ireland. All of these places have some beautiful spots, some entertaining fashions, and some brands that get it. But overall, I think people lack confidence when it comes to color and design. We fall back on what seems classic or ordinary and are afraid to take chances with style.  

In this podcast, I help entrepreneurs who are looking to style and market their brands with confidence. I'll share step by step instructions to get you through the tricky bits of putting together your business, and also help you prepare mentally, which can sometimes be the largest hurdle.  

In this first episode I'll cover the difference between a brand and a commodity (can you guess which you want yours to be?) and talk about what goes in to people making a purchasing decision. 

I'm so glad you've landed here and hope that I can help you make your brand and business the success that it deserves to be! 

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>>Download Episode 01 Visual Reminders PDF


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