Let’s be honest, I don’t get much time to take off my superhero cape. I love what I do, and could work on branding, marketing, and graphic design all day, but I have an adoring husband, two adorable littles, and live on a 30-acre gentleman’s farm in Maine. There is always something that needs preserving, watering, weeding, picking and the like. Which means when it’s time to turn on the “professional” switch, I laser focus like Superman turning on his heat vision.

The important papers hanging on my wall (okay, they would be if I had time to do things like that) include a Studio Art degree from Smith College and a master’s degree in Brand Development from Bath Spa University in Bath, England. I have worked in design and marketing since 2003, and I’ve picked up a thing or two. I have an uncanny ability to soak up things that I learn like a sponge, and then squeeze them out in the future at just the right time.

I have spent thousands of dollars and dedicated thousands of hours into studying what makes certain brands successful and others fail, and I am happy to share that knowledge with you, saving you precious time and money. 

What are you waiting for? Get inspired and jump-start your business today by learning the secrets of the psychological system that will allow you to make design decisions with speed and accuracy.


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