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Marketing with Heart


Now that you have a product, it's time to bring it to market! People won't know the amazingness you offer, so you need to package and market it in a way that pulls them in and entices them to want to find out!

Q: What percentage of buying decisions are made from the heart?

A: 100%

This was one of the first lessons in my Brand Development Masters program. We may think we are purchasing using logic, when in fact we use logic to support the decisions our heart has already made.

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Ways to Be Visible and Create a Heart Connection

Email: 💗[Heart Note] - We love the dopamine we get from receiving an email with crave-worthy content.

Paid Advertising: 💗[Heart Note] - If the ad speaks to our pain point at the right time and sparks a harmonious chord with our emotions, we tune in.

Content Marketing: 💗[Heart Note] - We love learning new things, which is how we grow.

Partnerships: 💗[Heart Note] - We trust our friends, family, and brands and business we already know, like, and trust and respect their opinions.

Podcasts: 💗[Heart Note] - We love being entertained, and this format allows us to bond with whoever is speaking as they sound like they are right next to us.

...these are just a few, what is your favorite? Tell me in the Attractive Branding Secrets Facebook group!

Getting Strategic

Jumping in and starting to randomly market your offering is like throwing paint at a wall. Instead, you want to develop a strategic marketing plan with goals, strategy, and measurable desired outcomes.

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Let's Work Together

You're ready to devise a strategic marketing plan to get your business flowing smoothly with a steady stream of clients and customers. I can help you devise a plan ready to implement.

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