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Color Meanings

Color plays a very important role in nature. We can instantly "read" the safety of something in one glance. Similarly, a love or hatred of a particular color can also give you insight into what is going on mentally. 

Is there a particular color you are feeling drawn to? Or one that is pushing you away? Discover the meaning of each of the following colors for clues.


Red - You are excited and ready for action! The most physical of the colors, red communicates activity, movement, and strength. It could also mean you have a guy on your mind, as red is associated with masculinity. Have you been feeling angry at all lately? On the flip side, red can mean aggression and menace. Or maybe you're upset with someone trying to push you down. Red is the color that communicates defiance and strain.

Red color swatch
Orange color swatch


Someone give you a hug! Orange communicates the warmth of hearth and home. In that vein, it also communicates abundance and security, which is why you might be drawn to this color when traveling. You could also be feeling sociable, generous, and ready for FUN. Especially the kind of a passionate nature. Orange is all about what happens between the sheets, which can make those with puritan upbringings uncomfortable. If you naturally reject this color, you might have some work to do around this subject. On the flip side you could also be feeling deprived, frustrated, or unsafe. Lastly, maybe you feel a bit guilty about a recent purchase, as orange can communicate frivolity.


"Hello sunshine!" Yellow is naturally the color of happiness. It stimulates our emotions and communicates optimism, extroversion, and friendliness. You could also be feeling creative and self-confident with all this positive energy. On the flip side, if yellow makes you feel like you want to crawl back into a cave, it could be because it can communicate fear, anxiety, and depression. If you are feeling hopeless, remind yourself that these yellow thoughts are irrational, and reach out to someone for help.

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Pink color swatch


The feminine color, pink speaks of physical tranquility, nurturing, and compassion. If you're drawn to pink, you might be craving warmth and kindness. Or you're a girl who just wants some romance in her life! On the flip side, you could be in a situation where you feel vulnerable, weak, and needy. Do your best to find ways to increase your self-confidence and strength.


Ah, the tranquility of green. In the light spectrum, the green waves are medium in length, making the color the neutral and most harmonious of the rainbow. If you are drawn to this color you could be feeling balanced, restful, restored and at peace. Also the color of verdant lush environments, green communicates abundance. Were you recently in a spat with a friend or family member? Being drawn to green could mean you are ready to compromise and make amends. Alternatively, you could be feeling sick, as green can communicate disease (think mold!) and stagnation. But hopefully if it's not one of the positive traits, you could just be bored. 

Green color swatch
Blue color swatch


Grappling with logic today? Blue stimulates the mind and is the color of communication and reflectiveness. If this is your favorite color, you are most likely a highly intelligent person who likes things orderly and calm. You are also most likely very trustworthy. If you're feeling attracted to blue you could also be in a cold, unemotional, and unfriendly state. Maybe you just went through a separation are are feeling on the conservative side with your heart.


Ah, the mystical color. The color of the top chakra, purple connects us with our spirituality. You could also be connecting with your royal side, as this visionary color communicates quality, truth, and authenticity. Or maybe you are craving some luxury in your life? If you are a lover of purple, you most likely have a great appreciation for fine things. You might also be an introvert or craving some alone time. On the flip side, you could be feeling flaky, or upset over a purchase that turned out to be cheap and inferior.  

Purple color swatch
Brown color swatch


You're either craving chocolate or looking for reliability when you're feeling an attraction to brown. The color of the earth, brown is serious, practical, and steadfast. It gives one gravitas. It's also warm and earnest, a color to turn to when you're in need of support. If you're feeling an affliction to brown, you could be trying to remove something that's heavily weighing on you. You could also be bored and frustrated with the predictable, ready to adventure on to something less serious and more fancy-free in your life.


"Lights, camera, action!" Black is the color of drama, glamour, and sophistication. That little black dress in your closet can attest to this. Black is powerful and uncompromising. You might also be drawn to this color when you're in need of feeling safe, the black of night cloaks us in a sense of security. Black is also efficient and strong. The opposite of white, black has substance where white feels fleeting and airy. If black is making you uneasy, it could be that it can also communicate cold, dishonesty, and feel oppressive. The darkest of all colors, it can also feel malicious.

Black color swatch
White color swatch


If you're craving purity and a hygienic environment, you are most likely feeling an attraction to white. White is clean and simple. It's lack of hue lends itself to innocence, and when surrounded by white, an ethereal presence. If white is among your favorite colors, you most likely are not one to compromise. Be careful, white can also come off as sterile, unfriendly, and elitist.


How do you feel when it's wet and drizzly outside? The color gray can make us feel depressed and wanting to hibernate. It is psychologically neutral, but if you are attracted to this color, you might be looking for sophistication.

Gray color swatch

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