The DL on Side Hustles (with survey data!) & My Favorite Creative Website

What do you do for work? Do you have a day job with an employer or do you work for yourself? Might you have a side hustle, which you are either content to keep it a side hustle or you hope to one day expand it into a full time gig?

According to a 2021 survey from Side Hustle 45% of working Americans have a side hustle (about 70 million people!). 

In this week's Sisters Talk Shop podcast Lisa and I dive deep into side hustles.

What are the most popular side hustles of 2021?

Who is earning the most money from their side hustles?

How much time are people devoting to their side hustles, and what are some of their biggest struggles

We look at the survey data and offer insights into starting a side hustle with advice from both present-day thought leaders and our own experiences. 

Side Hustles

This is a must-listen for any aspiring female who is ready to create a business from her passion!

🎧  Listen Here



Glorious Webpage Finds

I can't get enough of the websites that Interactive Schools produce. They are striking, imaginative, and memorable. My favorite is the one they designed for Alleyn Court Preparatory School and for which they won a design award, which is how I discovered them years ago. This is a screenshot of the old homepage hero image:

Alleyn Court Curiouser campaign

And here is the current homepage:

Alleyn Court website

What I love about this site:

The PERSONALITY! It communicates the magic of youth through the color palette and creative visuals outlined below pulled from Group 1/Spring:

Illustration - The Alice in Wonderland ink drawings in the background continue the story of magic and curiosity. They playfully bring you down the page. 

Photography - What makes the photography stand out is the superimposing of magical elements to show not the way the world is, but how children see the world. Thank you Photoshop!

Fonts - The playful Cantoni heading typeface clearly expresses youth and fun. The paragraph typeface Belleza nicely continues that feeling bringing both easy readability along with some youthful character. 

Patterns - there are nice subtle watercolor paint strokes both in the background and used as highlights that lend to the lightness and playfullness of the site.

Navigation - I love how there is one central pale coral line that leads you down the entire homepage, ending on the map of where the school is located. Brilliant UI.

Nice work Interactive Schools!


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